What is New Saudi Tourist E-visa?

Finally, New Saudi Tourist E-visa is here! We can imagine that you hear people keep asking about What is New Saudi  Tourist E-visa? Saudi Hajj ministry introduced a new e-visa system for tourism and Umrah purposes as of 27th September 2019. 

Here is everything about new Saudi Visa system;

How much does a visa cost?

There is an online system where you can apply and get your e-visa and will cost around SAR440 (about £95). We can apply your Saudi Tourist visas on your behalf for our Umrah packages for Free and organise the rest of the arrangements to give you peace of mind before you travel to Saudi Arabia for Umrah purposes. 

Which countries are eligible for a visa?

At the moment, there are certain countries which can apply for tourist visa and Umrah visa both! Such Citizens from the UK, countries in the Schengen Zone, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan can obtain tourist visa. 

How long are visas valid for?

Tourist visa is valid for a year and allow you stay of three months per visit with multiple entries. The holy cities of Mecca and Medina will remain off limits to non-Muslims. Muslims can do Umrah on Tourist visa as well!

What can we offer?

Visiting the house of Allah is a very special experience. You save money and travel to Makkah with intention of making most of your Umrah experience.  For this reason we are pleased to offer you following services to give you peace of mind before you travel to Saudi Arabia to perform your Umrah. Umrah is act of worship (Ibadah) done by Muslims to get pleasure and blessings of Allah (swt). Therefore this ibadah should NOT be performed alone as there are certain rituals and prayers which is guided by a guide or Imam! 

As Hisar Travel with almost 30 years of experience in this field we are pleased to offer you Umrah packages at various times of the year with a guide or imam so that you won`t miss any rituals of your worship. 

Apart from visa application, in our umrah packages you enjoy a qualified guide or imam, hotel, transport and food with fresh meat by our own supplies. Upon your request  we can also organise tours to other cities like Yanbu, Badr and Taif!

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Last edited: 28/09/2019 15:26