What is Ihram?

IHRAM : Ihram is, in Islam, a sacred state which a Muslim must enter in order to perform the major pilgrimage or the minor pilgrimage. Men’s Ihram is two pieces of clothing called Rida and Izar, whereas a women’s Ihram would be her normal clothing. (concealing her entire body and leaving her face and hands revealed.



The person who will enter Ihram needs to cut their nails to begin with, clean their pubic hair, if needed they can shave their hair and beard and fix their moustache. It is recommended to perform Ghusl (purification bath) however, if its not possible you can perform normal ablution ( a ceremonial act of washing parts of the body or sacred containers).



In order to leave Ihram, men and women have different duties. For men, they either need to shave their hair with a straight razor or they need to shorten their hair within 1.5 – 2 cm. On the other hand, women does not need to shave their hair but instead shorten it with 1-2 cm. When these duties are performed you are able to leave Ihram.



There are certain locations to enter ihram. These are called Miqat Locations. Those who want to reach Kaaba should be in state of ihram and make intentions for ihram from these miqat locations and onward. There are three classifications of people for Miqat locations.

  1. Those coming outside miqat locations
  2. Those residing between miqat locations and haram
  3. Those residing around Makkah