The Preparations for Umrah

1- Spiritual preparation

It is very important to ask for forgiveness from relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues. One should read lots of Istigfar (Estagfurullah Al Aziym) before departure. As we will visit probhet (pbuh) on this journey we should also prepare presents as reading too many Salawat Sharif for him. In addition to this, one should read Yaseen Sharif, Ihlas Sharif and similar duas to make spiritual preparations. It is strongly advised to start and continue praying Nafls such as Salat Tasbih, Duha, Evvabin and Tahajjud prayer. It is good to know reading Qur`an Kareem in advance. If one does not know how to read it please get in touch with your group leader in our organisation to learn it.

It is very important to stay awake and keep your Wudu fresh all the way to Umrah during transit, therefore you should get enough rest and sleep before departure. It`s advised to take Ghusl before leaving your home and stepping in holy city.

It`s strongly advised to decrease consuming liquids 24 hours before departure which helps your during your journey.


2- Other preparation

Hajj and Umrah contain hardship ( Hadith Sharif) One should always keep this Hadith Sharif in mind. See you doctor or GP before going Umrah and remember to take your regular medication with you.

Get your meningitis injection done.

Make sure you write your name and contact details on the luggage tags which you will use for your Umrah Trip.

Read Hajj and Umrah guide books few times before you set off. Click here to download.

Take Qur`an Al Kareem with you together with our guide books.

Baggage allowance is 30kg and 8 kg for cabin.

Take as little money as possible  in SAR which be handy in the first place. You can find exchange office near hotels.

Please be punctual for departure time.

Keep your passport and other offical document outside your luggage.

Follow and listen to your group leader carefully.

Due to busy time of Hajj, there might be possible delays and longer waiting times at the airport, therefore please remain patient during your journey.

Always remember that you should bear hardship of travelling to sacred house of Allah (swt)